Brand Developers

Brand Developers

• Established in 2009
• We Build Businesses and Establish Legacies.
• A Boutique South African based private equity that aims to invest throughout Africa and beyond
• 100% black ownership
• A team of skilled and experienced professionals run the initiative.
• We target areas with potentially strong socio-economic benefits and high margins.
• African outlook, we have great passion for local entities that can significantly change the African economy.
• We are a team with the potentialand great passion for creating lasting values and sustainable businesses.

We are the point where insight meets execution and we bridge the divide between what a brand is now and what it could be in the future....

We do what traditional Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations and Digital Agencies cannot, which is to enhance brand resonance, catalyze brand engagement and optimize brand advocacy.

We source entities with great potential in economic transformation and those with leading products from suppliers across South Africa.

We also have a dedicated team of business developers, designers and engineers in house that specialize in creating exciting new concepts and products. We use the latest development and manufacturing technology together with our sophisticated market testing methodology to ensure we only bring products to market that meet our customers’ high expectations for quality and utility.

"We Are Accountable. We Are Consequential. We Are Committed To Making A Difference."

What makes us different

We Build Brand Business by Creating Brand Passion.
We Catalyze Brand Engagement and Foster Brand Evangelism.
We Transform Brand Mind-Share into Brand Market-Share

We evolve companies into businesses, businesses into brands, and brands into market leaders and legacies.

We provide consummate strategic counsel, inspired ingenuity and a steadfast commitment to excellence.

We forge dynamic and long-term partnerships with clients. We do whatever is necessary to make a consequential contribution to our clients’ businesses.

  • 1. We engender brand preference, passion and evangelism, rather than generic brand promotion, to break through the cacophony in the marketplace.
  • 2. We foster brand preference by driving brand curiosity, interest and inquiry which serves to catalyze brand trial, experience, engagement and advocacy.
  • 3. We utilize experience and engagement to create brand-centric conversation and storytelling, optimizing brand mind-share.
  • 4. We transform brand mind-share into brand market-share by leveraging engagement and affinity to engender advocacy and recommendation.