"Skin tone is not a barrier and growing up in the villages doesn't mean you won't achieve your dreams. I am a living proof that there's a way out OF the village"




    "Success is diverse. Every child is able and destined for greatness, they just have to put their mind into it...-" Ntebatse Vinolia




    Success doesn't discriminate, it's all in the mind. Set your mind into it, believe in it and you will see your dreams turning into reality. Its all in the mind and how you think.

Who am I

Ntebatse Vinolia Malapane started her modelling career when she was doing her first year in tertiary in 2014. Within her modeling career she has worked with:

Modelling Agencies
• Steele Model Management
• Rage Model Management
• Sync Model Management

Brands Ambassador
• Marlboro
• Heineken
• House of Perris (United Kingdom)
• Halifornia Apparel (Canada)
• Grand white Dinner South Africa
• Jaguar and Land Rover

She is a Director and owner of an events company, Fashion Show with Ntebatse Vinolia, where she hosts annual fashion shows.

Her motivation stemmed from the realisation that there are talented South African designers that are not well recognized. Having been teased as a child because of her appearance, she knows that many children face the same. As a model, face and a skin sells, why not put it out there for people to admire, while challenging societal stigmatization?

Some people are naturals, while others require training to understand how to work with anything they are given, a good model knows that it is not only about you as a model but the designer too.

She aims to work with all the designers out there. As a brand herself, she believes that a good brand needs a good model.

Events & Fashion Shows


Motivational Quotes