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Brand Developers' STRATEGY

Brand Developers have developed an SMME incubation hub model that integrates small businesses as partners to the services provided to our clients. The Incubation Hub will position itself strategically in terms of infrastructure capacitating, resourcing of strategic positions required to support the growth strategy and providing a strong pool of highly skilled and trained SMME’s who can provide services to clients nationally.

"Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) play an important role in the South African economy and can be a key driver of Economic Growth and Job Creation."

At Brand Developers Incubation Hub, we believe that there is untapped potential within South Africa's economic development space, and through an innovative incubation hub model, we can unlock business value and economic growth by strategically partnering, managing and growing SMMEs. As such, we have developed an incubation hub model ‘Brand Developers Incubation Hub, that serves the multi-pronged objectives of providing top tier, high quality business exposure services to clients and also achieving a social impact through job creation and increasing business value through SMMEs.

Brand Developers Infrastructure Facilities

In order to have direct contact with all our partners and SMMEs, for the moment we will only have an on online interactive platform where our partners can can have all the necessary assistance required. We will later be establishing infrastructure facilities for SMME's in four regions namely Limpopo, KwaZulu Natal, Gauteng, Cape Town and Northwest in support of the Brand Developers Incubation Hub model to operate on a national footprint providing services to clients with dispersed operations;